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Ein Sommertag in Berlin

18. Mai 2017

Even if it sounds childish, but you really should be the change you want to see in the world. People walk on streets, in parks, on subways, in shops, self-contained. Side by side. Out of the way. Head to the ground. But it could all be more a “We”. With each other. Only a smile can sweeten up the day. It´s so easy to give away. And so precious.

Look at her smile. Isn´t she gorgeous! Munich based photorgapher Rico Grund spend a day with Berlin based model Franzi. “My aim was to tell a story with every single picture of this series. Capturing unforgetable moments and feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Franzi came in the late afternoon with her bike to the shooting location, hours after her work as a teacher had finished. And we then had such a fun and refreshing time together.”

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